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Cacao is an abundant superfood with numerous medicinal properties, which it only keeps in its raw form. Cacao ceremonies are a unique and beautiful experience, inspiring love, freedom, growth and expansion through the magic of raw cacao. In the Caribbean, there are huge forests of cacao surrounding us, with wild animals, monkeys, & birds - everything is fully alive.

Mother Earth is alive in her full glory, giving us her love and abundance in all ways possible. One of mother earth’s precious gifts to us is the Cacao!

Discovery of Cacao

The name Theobroma cacao was first given to the cacao tree by Carolus Linnaeus, the father of modern day taxonomic plant classification. Theobroma comes from ancient Greek and translates as ‘Food of the Gods’. Discovered over 2,000 years ago, Cacao was consumed by Mesoamerican cultures for religious, medical, aphrodisiacal and energy purposes. Raw cacao is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world, and helps protect your body from free radical damage while also promoting collagen production. Cacao contains over 300 important compounds, including protein, fat, certain B-vitamins and minerals such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper, all of which have an important role in a healthy functioning body.

Grace sources only 100% organic raw cacao from the Southern Caribbean region of Costa Rica and from Peru that is naturally fermented, sun dried and then not roasted, peeled and ground slowly for 50 hours to not pass 109 degrees Fahrenheit. In a ceremony, Grace will concoct a cacao beverage made from 100% raw (unroasted) cacao whose process has been followed from bean to paste. Cacao is an abundant superfood with numerous medicinal properties, which it only keeps in its raw form. 

Cacao ceremonies are a unique and beautiful experience, inspiring love, freedom, growth and expansion through the magic of raw cacao. In the Caribbean, there are huge forests of cacao surrounding us, wild animals, monkeys, birds and crawlers-everything is alive. Mother Earth is alive in its full glory, giving us her love and abundance in all ways possible. One of mother earth’s gifts to us is the Cacao!

Raw Cacao is Superior to Processed Cocoa

Live unroasted cacao can offer nutritional wealth supporting health, vitality, balance, and growth through happiness and love. Pure Medicinal-grade-cacao raises your vibrational frequency, balances your body, opens your heart and elevates your spirit. Cacao in its raw state contains over 700 known compounds, and there may be many more that remain undiscovered. Of particular interest to scientists are the antioxidant compounds in raw cacao. Antioxidants are compounds that plants manufacture to prevent their own cells from premature destruction due to exposure to heat, light, air, moisture and time. In the human body, many of these compounds prevent reactive oxygen species from destroying cells and causing premature aging and disease.

Raw cacao is especially rich in polyphenols, a group of protective antioxidant compounds found in many plant foods such as red wine and tea, and which are the subjects of scientific investigation for their beneficial influence on cardiovascular health. The polyphenols include anthocyanins, isoflavones, flavanones, flavonols, and flavones. Of special interest to health researchers are flavanols in cacao, including flavan-3-ols, catechins, epicatechins and proanthocyanidins. These naturally-occurring substances not only protect the cells of our bodies from premature destruction, but they also help to reduce the risk of serious diseases.

The industrial cacao process from its origins doesn’t frankly care about all that richness, except enriching their pocket. The industrial cacao is roasted at 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Potassium carbonate, which is also used to tenderize meat and create soaps and glass, is added to it to separate fibrous material (which becomes cocoa “cake” later processed into powder) and cacao butter (which is sold expensively to be used in beauty products). This is how commercial “hot chocolate” powders and candy bars are made. We are not going to dive deep into African child slavery in the cacao industry, just informing you that it is part of what you might be supporting unknowingly.

Cacao Magic

Cacao Magic asks you to look inside honestly. Where are you and where is the mission of your soul? Are you aligned with the mission of your soul? Are you at your center? Mother Earth and Father Sky are more than willing to support you. As any parent knows, no one can help a confused child. They are waiting for you to give up your confusion, give up your illusion and live according to your true unique calling. Choosing raw and fermented organic food as it was created or as close to the way it was created possible is a path of healing. “Let thy food be thy medicine” comes from listening to what your body needs to balance itself. What a luxury! What a birthright.

Cacao Magic is alive (untoasted and cold-pressed), contains Theobromine, Phenylethylamin, Anandamine and Tryptophan. The brain uses these amino acids to produce serotonine - a neurotransmitter that produces the feelings of happiness and love. Women love feeling happy and in love, don't we? And if we add music and dance? Women dance happy and in love and remember their divine essence. Our essence is love.

All of the sudden live cacao is rushing in our veins and gives our brain 30-40% more oxygen. Your circulation improves with the alcaloides, proteins, beta carotein, leucine, linoleic acid, lipase lysine and theobromine, all working together to give a yummy push to feeling a better health, well-being and genuine mental health. We feel expanded and see beyond our daily limits, we succeed to love ourselves. We feel free to sing with our full voice, in public! Dance with all our body and communicate honestly and clearly without filters of social conditioning. Radiating your pure light, innocent and powerful.

In these modern times with overfilled schedules and spending so much time in front of screens, we feel emotionally alone in front of the pressure to constantly succeed - better relationships, better sex, better bodies, better careers. The chromium in the live Cacao relaxes - destresses the body. The high content of Magnesium relaxes the muscles, the digestion and the hormones are balanced when a woman ingests raw cacao. It is the wish of all women to feel relaxed, healthy, full of life and in a deep connection with themselves.

Women and Chocolate

A woman with her cycles, fertility and the gift of giving birth to other lives closer to the essence of the world. It's easier for her to expand herself with the medicinal cacao. Feeling the pure love and the connection to all beings. She knows in her cells that it is her birthright to be supported by creation and vibrate 100% the highest frequency she can.

Vibrating at a high frequency is about being in tune with your heart, mind and spirit. A high vibe woman is excited about her dreams , her sensual body, and its unique place in this world. She is deeply connected with playful expression , her wildness and instinct. This potential is found in all women , and life and cacao are calling us women to allow ourselves to be juicy , soft, able to awaken deeper and deeper into ourselves, so we can live a more satisfying life : first for us , then for everyone Look at the abundance that grows constantly and infinitely in nature. when we open up to receive the gifts of the cacao spirit it lets us feel and see the world in a different way. The game of magic and abundance begins full tilt. The cacao creates the time and space to nourish our bodies and souls. Let us remember that we are unique, divine, full of joy and love for ourselves and others.

This is the message of the Cacao that resonates so strongly in the deep and infinite wisdom of women. The world is, and can be, a world of love and co-creation.

Bri Bri History of Cacao

The Bribri are an indigenous people of Costa Rica. They live in the Talamanca canton in Limón Province of Costa Rica.[3] They speak the Bribri language and Spanish. The Bribri are indigenous people of the Talamanca region, living in the mountains and Caribbean coastal areas of Costa Rica and Northern Panama. The Bribri people live in the mountains and islands of southern Costa Rica and northern Panama both on reservations and non-protected areas.

The Bribri social structure is organized in clans. Each clan is composed of an extended family. The clan system is matrilineal; that is, a child's clan is determined by the clan his or her mother belongs to. This gives women a very important place in Bribri society since they are the only ones that can inherit land and prepare the sacred cacao (Theobroma cacao) drink that is essential for their rituals Cacao, as in most of the indigenous groups in southern Costa Rica and northern Panama, has a special significance in Bribri culture. For them the cacao tree used to be a woman that Sibú (God) turned into a tree. Cacao branches are never used as firewood and only women are allowed to prepare and serve the sacred drink.

Cacao is used in special occasions, ceremonies and in certain rites of passage such as when young girls have their first menstruation. Currently there exists several Bribri women's associations that produce organic, hand made chocolate that helps them in their livelihoods.

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