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Grace Tzofia

Grace Tzofia is a powerful shamanic healer and teacher whose passion is to ignite the flame of your own knowing of inner divinity and sovereignty. Grace was born as Yuliya and spent her early years in Siberia, a region surrounded by lakes near the arctic circle inhabited by the local indigenous Nenets people. While earning her M.A. in Educational Psychology, Grace learned about health, wellness, and the spiritual applications for healing. However, the fundamental connection between the body and mind or the body, emotions, and spirit was left unaddressed in academia. For this reason, Grace delved into shamanic and energy studies.

Grace formally began her shamanic training in Austin in 2014. Subsequently, she continued her studies with shamans in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Grace Tzofia received her name from a Lakota initiated shaman on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she became a Medicine Woman through the New Haven Native American Church. Certified with Advanced Reiki Training (ART), Grace received her attunements as an Usui Master Level III Reiki Practitioner in 2016 from the Reiki Institute of Austin. Grace Tzofia has been teaching and leading groups since 2016. Most recently, Grace Tzofia has led transformational ancestral healing ceremonies with plant medicine allies and laughter yoga followed by blissful ecstatic dance experiences. Grace Tzofia was personally and individually called to offer the medicines and of cacao, rapé, fun(gui)-based medicine, kambo, and various other healing herbs. The delicate balance of preserving and boosting health happens through listening to the body, clearing spiritual stagnancy, and supporting the detox pathways.

It is our honor and ultimate responsibility to ourselves, our community, and the new world we are envisioning to transform into our healthiest and most vital self. Allow Grace into your life and choose to clear out blockages to receiving holistic healing of the heart, body, mind, and spirit. Grace Tzofia creates a safe and sacred space filled with unconditional love for your healing journey. Clients and participants feel refreshed and integrated at the end of every healing session. Enthusiastic and supportive, Grace Tzofia will help you become more embodied and feel connected to your own greater spiritual knowing.

Kambo medicine

Kambo is a sacred traditional medicine used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Collected from the venomous secretions from the Phyllomedusa bicolor (or Giant Leaf Frog, Kambô or Sapo) a frog species indigenous to rainforests in the Amazon Basin. Kambo has a range of medicinal and psycho-spiritual applications. It is known for intense emetic and/or purgative effects which detox the body. It is safe, legal and highly transformative.

The Kambo frog secretion contains a myriad of bioactive peptides, with impressive anecdotal evidence to indicate a multitude of benefits.

M.A. in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin
Usui Master Level III Reiki Practitioner
New Haven Native American Church Medicine Woman


Grace's Qualifications

Kambo Practitioner
Laughter Yoga Leader
Shamanic Energy Healer and Bodyworker
Certified by Selah in the Tantric Healing Arts
You are a very wonderful and gifted healer, From the depths of my heart I thank you so very much For the work that you do in service and love I've met a lot of healers that are not in their integrity and you are definitely aligned with your highest truth and it is a beautiful thing to see somebody holding that container for the planet, Delivering the wisdom and the Energy need at this time.
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